Notification Radius 100 meters 500 meters 1 kilometer 2 kilometers 5 kilometers
Facebook / Twitter Connect Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Social Media Assistance Monthly Fortnightly Weekly Twice Weekly Daily
Ad-Free Business Page No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Exclusive Freebie No No Yes Yes Yes
Reach Checker No No No Yes Yes
Personalisation No No No No Yes
PRICE FREE, but must post at least once a month to keep account active $49 per month $99 per month $199 per month $499 per month
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The STARTER account allows you to easily publish and broadcast your posts onto the social media accounts you connect with us. We also help you create one (1) social media post every month so all you need to do is approve it and it will be published on your behalf (of course you can also come up with your own instead). To keep this FREE account active, you will need to post something at least once a month (don't worry we will help you).

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